Neoenergia starts a return plan for on-site activities and maintains health and safety care



Neoenergia has just started its plan of resuming on-site activities, after five months of remote work of the functions that allowed this format. In a detailed planning, prepared along the social distance period, several phases are contemplated, being the first one aimed at all the employees who have a car and are not in the risk group to return to the offices in Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco. The first locations were defined according to the figures presented in relation to the evolution of the new Coronavirus.

"Communication has been our main tool to make this return as safe and comfortable as possible for our employees. We have operations in most of the country, so our concern is that the reality of each place is respected making the return a calm and natural process. We have leaders and health professionals available to talk to and guide the returnees and we remain open to questions and suggestions", says Régia Barbosa, Organizational Development Superintendent.




The offered care goes beyond the work environment. The company distributes brochures with relevant information on prevention inside and outside the office. The goal is to guide employees to keep an eye on good hygiene practices in daily activities.

"We want to take preventive care beyond our facilities and disseminate relevant information to help the company's employees and also society in general. The moment requires everyone's cooperation and awareness. Our goal is to overcome the challenges and return to the activities in a gradual and safe way, confident that we will go through everything together", explains Manuel Martinez, Leader of the Corporate Security Board and coordinator of the Crisis Committee.



During the planning, changes in habits and offices were necessary to comply with health and safety protocols. All spaces are properly marked with important guidelines, with sanitation three times a day in the internal premises and thermographic cameras have been installed in all offices to measure the temperature of professionals who attend the site daily. Neoenergia has also entered into a partnership with a food company, so that employees who do not bring food from home, request their meals, avoiding them to go out during the workday.


"We have made significant changes in the architecture of the offices, reorganized the layout of the desks, redesigned the cafeterias and included signs with guidelines for everyone´s cooperation. Areas such as pantries and bathrooms, for example, need to be used in an organized way, as well as the other common areas of the company", emphasizes Bruno Coelho, Human Resources Officer. "We thought of all the details during the home office period, so that the process would happen in a very organized way. It has been a new beginning of learning and adaptation, but we believe in the commitment and dedication of everyone to return even stronger," he concludes.

This initiative is part of the Iberdrola group answer to Coronavirus .