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Neoenergia starts the operation of the transmission design in Mato Grosso do Sul




Neo​energia obtained the license to energize the most extensive section of its transmission design acquired in 005/2016 auction held by the Brazilian Electrical Energy Agency (Aneel) in April 2017. 149 kilometers of transmission lines with 230 kV voltage were built between the Municipalities of Rio Brilhante and Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul. The start of the operation takes places in 20 months in advance to the regulatory authority's schedule. 

“The enterprise's objective is to reinforce the electrical system in the State by improving the reliability and assisting the energy interchange between Southeast/Mid-West and South regions. The progression of the transmission designs is the driving force of the electrical industry in Brazil", said Luis Alves, Chief Transmission Officer.

That is the second energized section of the design and includes 347 towers. In addition, Rio Brilhante and Campo Grande 2 substations were expanded. The permit to operate was granted by the Institute of the Environment of Mato Grosso do Sul (Imasul). In July, Neoen​ergia energized the first section of the transmission line, which is located between Nova Porto Primavera (SP) and Rio Brilhante (MS) substations, with 147 kilometers of length and 327 towers, two of which built in Paraná river.

The batch includes five more 230kV transmission lines, which are under licensing and construction stages. Altogether, the design has 611 kilometers of extension of transmission lines, in addition to the construction of a new 230/138kV substation and the expansion of six 230kV substations, four of which were already completed.


Neoenergia modernized processes to advance, even amidst the covid-19 pandemic, the transmission designs, important to contribute to the safety of the Brazilian electrical system. The company has been using drones to perform necessary inspections for the environmental licensing and held the first virtual public hearings in the electrical industry. Since March, a strict safety protocol has been followed, which requires masks to be worn, the distancing among the employees and the intensification of the personal and occupational environment hygiene.   ​

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