Neoenergia starts operation of 467.77 MW in the Chafariz Wind Farm





135 turbines are in operation, which is enough to supply 1 million people per year

Neoenergia started operations in the 15 farms of Chafariz Wind Park, in Paraíba’s hinterland, adding up to 467.77 MW installed capacity. This power is enough to supply 1 million people per year 135 turbines are currently in operation, and when all turbines are in operation, the installed capacity will reach 471.2 MW. Today, this is the company's largest wind project in operation in the country and has almost doubled the company's portfolio in this clean source.


“Neoenergia Chafariz Wind Park is one of our strategic projects to expand the generation of clean energy, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to which we are committed. In 2022, we will achieve the milestone of tripling our portfolio of wind assets, reaching 1.6 GW, and reaching 90% of our installed capacity in renewables, with Chafariz standing out in this process" says William Rodney, manager of renewable projects at Neoenergia.

The first park started operating in July 2021, 17 months ahead of the start of the contract in the Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR). The speed of delivery meant that Chafariz contributed to the generation of clean energy to reinforce the security of the electrical sector during the water crisis. In addition, it reinforces Neoenergia's positioning in executing its strategic plan and its commitment to the rate of return on projects. The complex has 61% of its energy allocated to the regulated market and 39% to the Free Contracting Environment (ACL), and is part of the company's strategy to liberalize the Brazilian market.

The construction of the park has been generating, since 2019, economic, social and environmental benefits for the municipality of Santa Luzia and the surrounding area. Of the over 1,400 jobs created at the peak of construction, 40% were local labor. The company also promoted training courses aimed at expanding the job market insertion opportunities for the region's residents.


Neoenergia has carried out several other social and environmental actions, such as the installation of 117 photovoltaic plates with a monthly potential of 6,500 kWh at the Mãe Vinil Maternity Hospital and at the Manoel Rodrigues Pinto Municipal School, located in São José do Sabugi, where there are also parks included in the wind complex. The energy from the photovoltaic systems has the potential to produce more than is needed

to supply the health and education units, and the surplus produced will be reverted into credits for the energy bills of two more institutions in the rural area of the municipality. In the city of Areia de Baraúnas, the Public Square was refurbished, including the planting of native seeds.


Other benefit for the region was the refurbishment of the Miquilina Senhora das Neves Municipal School, in the rural area of Santa Luzia, where the company built a sports court and a new roof, installed air conditioning equipment, and revitalized the internal and external areas. In addition, the company supported the Associação Comunitária das Louceiras Negras da Serra do Talhado, an entity comprising women from Comunidade Quilombola da Serra do Talhado Urbana, also in the city. The organization produces pottery pieces, such as pots and vases, and is able, with Neoenergia's help, to reformulate its visual identity, giving more visibility to the work done by the artisans.

The company's commitment to economic development in the region was also evidenced in its selection of suppliers. Among the main components of the wind turbines, the blades were manufactured in Pernambuco and the nacelles in Bahia. This enables the job and income generation in these states.

Operating Synerg

Neoenergia's investments in the region continue beyond Chafariz Wind Complex. The company is building Luzia Solar Complex in the same region, which will have 149.3 MWdc of power and marks its debut in large-scale photovoltaic generation. Both clean energy generation projects will be connected to the National Interconnected System (SIN) through the new Santa Luzia II substation, which is part of the transmission project acquired by the company in lot 6 of the auction held by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) in December 2017, already in operation.

Neoenergia is also moving forward with the construction of the Oitis Wind Complex, which will have 12 farms located between the states of Piauí and Bahia. With 567 MW of installed capacity, this will be its largest wind power project.