Neoenergia develops a pioneering system to detect and monitor losses in distribution networks


GODEL - Observatory of Loss Reduction Networks was developed and patented by the Research and Development Department (R&D)  

  loss-loss-network-distribution monitoring

GODEL Analytics monitoring screen

Neoenergia has made ongoing investments in the development of technologies for smart grids. One of the major projects developed is GODEL – Observatory of Losses Reduction Networks, a full solution that involves GODEL Smart Sensor technology and GODEL Analytics. The project is a pioneer in the sector, and was registered and patented at INPI, for the protection of intellectual property rights. 

GODEL Smart Sensor has a double functionality: it can be used both to identify defects and to monitor losses in distribution networks. It is a network automation equipment and has a working voltage of up to 69 kV. It works by identifying power failures using a current sensor, as well as accurately measuring current and power factor angle, enabling the calculation of technical and commercial losses per feeder section. 

“The equipment consists of three sensor units and a concentrator unit, called Remote. Remote unit receives real-time data from the sensors and transfers it to the Operations Center and the engineering server. Currently, more than 6,000 sensors are installed in Neoenergia's networks, and more than 7,000 in other distributors in Brazil. Concept tests are also being carried out in other countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay and Costa Rica”, says José Antonio Brito, Neoenergia’s R&D manager.  

Data from energy meters and Smart Sensors is processed by GODEL Losses Module, which performs the segmented calculation of technical and commercial losses by network stretches. This application is registered with the INPI as Neoenergia's intellectual property and is licensed for commercial use by Sinapsis Inovação em Energia, a spin-off company from USP – Universidade de São Paulo. 

GODEL Analytics is a big data viewer, through which it is possible, quickly and visually, to consult results of losses by feeder section and by equipment, in addition to crossing these results with technical and commercial information, enriching the analysis and creating intelligence for the business. Based on the analyses, actions can be planned to intelligently and assertively reduce technical and commercial losses and to monitor the evolution of results over time. 

Altogether, more than 10 million customers and 600 thousand kilometers of network are monitored by GODEL. Over three years, over 400 works have been carried out to reduce technical losses and 17 thousand inspections to reduce commercial losses, guided by technology.