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Neoenergia wins international certification in Internal Audit





Neoenergia received the Quality Assessment (QA) certification, granted by the Spanish Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), an international organization that assesses the quality of internal audit departments for public and private sector organizations.  

“The certification is an extremely relevant recognition that Internal Audit adheres to the highest quality standards recommended by international regulations. We always use the best practices to fulfill our activities of contributing to the governance of all the group's companies", states Neoenergia's Internal Audit superintendent, Juliano Berton. 

The international quality certification attests that the company's Internal Audit acts in compliance with the standards defined in the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). The assessment is performed by IIA auditors and recognizes the use of appropriate resources for process improvement within the organization. 

The audit process for the certification was kicked off in July 2020, with the revision of standards and technical studies by Neoenergia's team of internal auditors. The next audit will be carried out in 2025. 

The company’s Internal Audit area is linked to the group’s Board of Directors and is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of governance processes and risk management, supervising internal control systems. The objective is that the company remains with its outstanding role in the Brazilian electricity sector, with transparency and excellence in management, creating value for all its stakeholders.