Neoenergia provides key guidelines for using Pix when paying the energy bill



Neoenergia  stands out for its pioneer spirit by being the first company in the electric sector to enable  paying the energy bill using Pix the new modality for financial transactions. The benefit of this new feature is the speed for payment confirmation, in addition to 24h availability, every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. Over the first 25 days of Pix use by Neoenergia, nearly five thousand customers have already adhered to the service for paying their bills. The company expects this number to increase, since Pix will soon be available via Whatsapp and SMS, in addition to the current email format. 

“With PIX, customers have an additional convenience for paying their bills. Thus, the company consolidates its pioneering efforts in service digitalization and new means of payment", says Luiz Flávio, Neoenergia's Customer Service officer. Neoenergia's PIX is available for the company's digital customers, spread over its concessionaries: Coelba (BA),  Celpe (PE), Elektro (SP/MS)  and Cosern (RN).  

The company has been working for a long time towards a significant technical evolution. We have been in the constant search for what is new and provides a better customer experience, always practicing pioneering and strong investment", says Luiz Flávio, Neoenergia's Customer Service officer.

One of the main factors enabling the promptness and pioneering for PIX adhesion by Neoenergia was Digital Connection - the largest Research and Development project targeted to the electric sector's customer. Focused on innovation and digitalization of digital services for customer service, its main strategy is offering democratization and inclusion, through innovative solutions. Due to its expertise in the development of several services to its consumers, Neoenergia was aware of partners and technologies for digital payments, and this enable agility for implementation.

“This is an important step in the revolution we are experiencing and this has no return, we will move more and more towards digitalization and our role is to keep it always inclusive", highlights him.

As the system is still new and not everyone is familiar with PIX use, the company prepared a video containing information to assist its customers - what PIX is, how to take advantage of the payment system and what are the steps to settle the energy bill, in addition to the advantages and Neoenergia preparation to be a pioneer in the energy market.