Neoenergia warns of care for trees and electricity grids in cities


​​​​ tree-arvea-ilustration

Planting and pruning should be done with planning to preserve urban afforestation, which brings safety and quality of life to the population


Trees are essential for the development of cities, as they directly influence the improvement of air quality, expanding the well-being of the population. The vegetation also helps to mitigate the effect of the emission of gases harmful to the environment, assisting in the control of heating and urban drainage.  

Neoenergia's distributors understand afforestation as an environmental heritage of all and an element of contribution to quality of life. To preserve it, it is necessary that planting and maintenance take place responsibly, according to the planning carried out by the responsible agencies of each municipality.  

One of the recommendations, for example, is that planting is not carried out in close proximity to electrical equipment, such as poles, cables and transformers.