Neoenergia acquires consoles to improve team communication with operating centers






foto-funcionarios-elektro Neoenergia's distributors Operating Centers achieved a reinforcement in efficiency and safety with the deployment of operation consoles that render communication between teams more agile and effective.  The new feature integrates, in a single interface, several means of communication used by operators on a daily basis - VHF radio (very high frequencies), SVOE (which combines the use of data via satellite with GPRS), wired-line telephony, integration with the administrative phone center and the substation extensions, as well as cell phones. Thus, Neoenergia is one of the few companies in the electric sector to have this type of innovation and sophistication.


"With a single piece of equipment, operators in the operation centers connect with field teams for activities such as maintenance, energy reconnection and monitoring of works, as well as support in cases of emergency. The touch screen console makes calls and concentrates all communication in a single channel, regardless of the connection source", explains Neoenergia's Telecommunications Supervisor, Victor de Aragão. The result is increased agility and more efficient management.

Juliana Vilas, project manager at Neoenergia, explains that the consoles also help in monitoring substations. "Operators remotely support the execution of activities in substations, and the console provides easy communication between the operator and technicians and electricians who execute the tasks in a practical and fast way. In addition, the employee enjoys a better working environment, since the number of devices is reduced and everything is focused on the console".

The solution, which was already available in Celpe (PE) and Cosern (RN), has now arrived to Coelba (BA) and Elektro (SP and MS). The expectation is the improvement in the support to field teams and for the quality of the service, with more convenience and quality of life for the operators. An average of 6,148 calls is registered daily at Coelba, considering incoming and outgoing calls from all communication channels. 126 consoles were installed at the concessionaire, thereby becoming the fourth largest Operations Center in Brazil. In Elektro, where 47 consoles are available, the number of daily calls is 1,487.


The integrated communication solution will also optimize management, especially for decision making in critical moments, offering improved assertiveness in communications during emergency situations. Supplied by Unify/Atos, the equipment will also include new features to the operators' daily life.

The company can access customized statistical reports, supervision dashboards and videowall for monitoring the service capacity in real time. In this sense, the project was designed to provide, install and customize, from the servers and switches structure to the computers and headsets installed at the operator table", says Henrique Leme, commercial Officer of Atos Brasil.

Thus, the project also enables carrying out audits and unified recording of calls from all communication means, improving the user experience and providing fast speed in communication.