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Neoenergia adheres to energy bill payment via emergency aid card


Committed with the measures to prevent and combat Covid-19, Neoenergia offers one more digital solution for its more than 14 million customers eligible to the emergency aid, who will avoid leaving home to pay their energy bill. Starting this Tuesday (19) the energy bill becomes one of the consumption items that can be paid by the beneficiaries with Caixa Econômica Federal Virtual Card. This action, pioneer in the country, was made possible because the company, one of the leaders in Brazilian energy sector, through Flexpag, included the modality to the payment platform in its distributors’ websites (Coelba-BA, Celpe-PE, Cosern-RN and Elektro-SP/MS). With this, customers may even pay non-paid bills from previous months. The initiative will also benefit low-income consumers registered with Social Tariff who exceed 220 kwh, the threshold for tariff exemption set by National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).



Granted with no charge for Caixa account holders, the virtual debit card is to be issued via Internet Banking or Caixa app. For paying the energy bill,, consumers just have to access the distributors’ websites. At the home page, just click in Payment with Card banner and then Payment with Caixa Elo Virtual Card (Emergency Aid). Then, user will be referred to a registration with long-in and pass code, where they will find a Flexpag’s payment environment - the platform used for payments with credit cards and Caixa Elo Virtual Card.


After logging in, the process is simple: the customer has to select outstanding bills and inform the number of the debit virtual card issued via Caixa app, selecting “debit” modality for making the payment. A payment receipt will then be issued, completing the process. In case of doubts on how to use Caixa Econômica virtual card, the customer will find details in the bank’s official profiles and in the website www.cef.gov.br. In case of doubts on the bill selection and how to make the payment, the customer can contact the company via its digital channels and phone call to 116.




In addition to the new payment option with the debit virtual card offered to beneficiaries of the Emergency Aid, the customer also has the option to pay the bill in 12 installments with credit card. This modality also allows payment in one lump sum, with no interest. Cards from Master, Visa, Hiper, Elo and Amex brands are accepted.​





  • In each distributor’s website, select option Payment with Card in the main banner.
  • The customer shall inform the credit card data, select the number of installments they wish and click in “Pay with card”.
  • By selecting the number of installments, the customer can view the amount of each installment and the total amount including the card’s interest rate.​















  • 116 (Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro) 

























This initiative is part of Iberdrola group’s response to Coronavirus.​