Brazilian folklore, the characters' connection with the universe of energy



Brazilian folklore has been one of the hottest topics of the moment due to Netflix's new Brazilian production "Invisible City".




Folklore translates the world where people live, because it addresses all the traditions, legends, and beliefs of a country. It is found in food, language, craftsmanship, religiosity, culture, music, dance, and even in the clothing of a nation.

Netflix has recently brought out yet another Brazilian production, which is enjoying a great resonance and ranked as Top 1 on the platform.  "Invisible City" is the name of the new series, which is set in Brazil and brings the folklore universe, where, mysteriously, the tales and legends are real. So successful is the series that it has become one of the top topics on Twitter, people are watching the 7 available episodes as if there is no tomorrow and begging for the 2nd season.

And we couldn't help but talk about this so much commented subject, and that's why we brought some folklore characters to our universe.

Folklore x Energy

Some characters of Brazilian folklore are very well-known everywhere, due to its legends and features. How can we bring the features of these characters to the electric sector? Let's find out now:


Iara or Yara is a mermaid, half woman and half fish, who lives in the Amazonian waters. Known for her long, black hair and brown eyes, the mermaid emits a melody that attracts men, who are mesmerized by her singing.

Iara in the Electricity Sector

The will to sing in the shower seduces as well as Iara, but don't let you be mesmerized by this will. Try to take a short shower and save energy.

Saci-Pererê and Curupira


Saci-Pererê is a mischievous one-legged boy who smokes a pipe and has a red hood that gives him magical powers. He likes to play tricks on people and animals.

Curupira is a strong, agile, red-haired, back-footed dwarf. He is believed to be the protector of the forests, known for his whistling and for using false signals, because with his feet turned backwards he can deceive those who intend to follow him, always thinking that he went in the opposite direction.


Saci - Pererê and Curupira in Electric Sector

Some people, like Saci, make mischief by installing what is called in Brazil as "cat trick", that is, the deviation of energy. But this attitude is as deceptive as the Curupira's footsteps, after all, when thinking that they are going in the right direction, those who do this are going in the opposite direction, because this act is a crime provided by law and can cause serious consequences such as: short circuit in the pole affecting the whole neighborhood, short circuit in the house damaging all the wiring, burning of electrical appliances, and risk of fire.


Boitatá According to legend, Boitatá is a big fire snake that protects the animals and the forests from people who intend to cause harm, and especially from those who burn in the forests.

Boitatá in Neoenergia's version

Neoenergia Group has a mission very similar to the Boitatá character, when it comes to our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in the area of Reducing Environmental Impact, which addresses the following goals: 6 - Drinking water and sanitation, 7) Accessible and clean energy, 13) Climate action, 14) Life below water, 15) Life on land, through the following initiatives:

  • Energy generation with lower emissions;

  • Biodiversity programs;

  • Sustainable use of natural resources;

  • Pollution reduction;

  • Proper management of residues