Neoenergia distributors launch benefit program






Initiative has more than one hundred partners throughout Brazil. Applicants can now register on the official site to start scoring 


The distributors Neoenergia CoelbaNeoenergia PernambucoNeoenergia Elektro and Cosern Neoenergia have just launched Clube de Vantagens (Benefit Program), a program aimed at offering customers bonus points on purchases made at partner companies. In total there are more than a hundred associates, ranging from department stores to drugstores, hypermarkets, and various other departments. The purpose is that consumers take advantage of their personal purchases to accumulate points and exchange them for products and services, thus reducing their monthly costs.  

Customers can participate by accessing the website and registering. Once in the club, members can view the partner companies and, by buying products from one of them, they will have a percentage of the purchase converted into points. This percentage can range from 0.5% to 8% of the total purchase price. 

Some of the stores participating in the Clube de Vantagens Neoenergia are Boticário, Americanas, Drogasil, Casas Bahia, Carrefour, Renner, Nike, Centauro, C&A, Fast Shop, and Brastemp. In addition to those already existing in the club today, others can be included in the future, further increasing the scoring possibilities. 

“This is a great opportunity for customers from different distributors to acquire points within a differentiated benefit program. The club will allow each customer to earn discount vouchers in a simple and fast way, adding value even in the end-of-year purchases. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, and we reinforce our commitment to placing them at the core of business”, said Clarissa Chagas, Revenue supervisor at Neoenergia Coelba. 

Clube de Vantagens can be used daily, as many times as customers want, at the partners they choose. There is no limit on the use and acquisition of points.