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Cosern and Neoenergia Institute launch notice of sponsoring program selection 2019


Cosern , company controlled by Neoenergia , with the support of  Neoenergia Institute , launched this Friday (09) the “Transforming Energy into Culture" Notice 2019, which will grant financial support, through the State Law of Incentive to the Culture Câmara Cascudo, for socio-cultural projects that contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and value the local culture. 

The event took place at the headquarters´ auditorium in Natal and was attended by Cosern's President Luiz Antonio Ciarlini, Neoenergia Institute Director, Renata Chagas, superintendents, managers and employees of the concessionaire, the President of the José Augusto Crispiniano Neto Foundation, and 110 people who develop cultural actions throughout the state. 

In his welcome speech, Luiz Antonio Ciarlini highlighted Cosern's key support for Potiguar (the Brazilian name of Rio Grande do Norte state) culture over the past 20 years - a fact proven by several important external recognitions such as the Culture Trophy and the Top of Mind Natal Award. “It is a very important work, done in partnership with the State Law Incentive to Culture Câmara Cascudo, through which we support hundreds of projects that light up the life of potiguares in all regions of the state," said Ciarlini. ​



Renata Chagas, Neoenergia Institute Director, made a presentation about the Neoenergia Institute and highlighted the most important points of the notice, explaining that Cosern will select projects that have as characteristics the promotion and dissemination of the diversity of local culture, the appreciation of the contribution of art and of culture to sustainable development and the promotion of the inclusion of children, young people and people with disabilities through training, capacity building and that foster employment and income. “The selection process will provide financial support for social and cultural projects that target the social impact and transformation of people and communities across the state," said Renata. 

The President of the José Augusto Foundation, Crispiniano Neto, recalled the importance of launching the Cosern Notice, as well as the holding of the event on this Friday morning. "The Notice makes all the difference in promoting potiguar culture and this support got even stronger with the arrival of the Neoenergia Institute," said Crispiniano. 

The period of receipt of project proposals to be selected for Cosern's “Transforming Energy into Culture" Notice 2019 runs from Friday (09) until August 30, exclusively on Cosern's website (www.cosern. com).  


Neoenergia Institute, social action arm of Neoenergia, Cosern's parent company, promotes initiatives aimed at contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the planet and the communities in which the Group operates. “Neoenergia Institute develops projects with its own resources, and manages Neoenergia's fiscal incentive and social sub-credit projects, always aligned with our pillars and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", explains Renata Chagas, the Institute director. 


Best Distributor of the Northeast and 2nd Best of Brazil in the 2019 Abradee Award and awarded in 2018 and 2019 as the Best Ombudsman in the country, the Companhia Energética do Rio Grande do Norte (Cosern), a Neoenergia Group company, is the Northeast sixth largest energy distributor in number of customers and the fifth in volume of energy supplied. Present in 167 potiguares municipalities, Cosern has a concession area of 53,000 square kilometers.  The company serves 1.4 million customers (3.5 million inhabitants).