Digitalização Solidária

Neoenergia’s customers can donate up to R$ 5 to social institutions with no disbursements

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Digitalização Solidária


A solidary action promoted by Neoenergia will donate up to R$ 5 to social assistance institutions, per customer who adhere to the services of Automatic Debit and Bill Receipt via E-mail. This initiative aims to contribute to the social work that have been impacted by the effects caused by Covid-19 pandemic. The customer doesn’t need to expend any money to join, they just have to register to one of the digital services offered by Neoenergia’s distributors: Coelba/BA, Celpe/PE, Cosern/RN and Elektro/SP e MS. The adhesion is expected to reach 40% of customers, achieving R$ 5.6 million in funds raised.

In addition to the solidary perspective, digitalization involves other social issues. “In this period of social isolation, it is critical that people stay at home to reduce the risk of spread. The customer adhering to these services give a financial contribution to social institutions and also collaborates with the environment, by reducing the use of paper and the need for handling physical bills”, says Leonardo Moura, Neoenergia’s Commercial Processes Superintendent.

The longer the customer stays adhered to the services, the higher the amount transferred to the institution. If the customer selects only the Bill Receipt via E-mail, the distributor’s donation will be R$ 3. For the other options, the amount will be R$ 5. The adhesion to the services can be made through each company’s website. Institutions to be benefited with the action in each of the concessionaire’s states of operation are: Legião da Boa Vontade (Celpe and Coelba), Legião contra o Câncer (Cosern) and Unicef (Elektro).







This initiative is part of the Conta do Bem, a project that gathers together all solidary actions from the four concessionaries via the energy bill.  “Solidary Digitalization encourages the customer to join our digital services in this period. The action is also included in a larger scope aimed at encouraging society to contribute with the work done by well-recognized institutions.

Solidary Digitalization action converges to Neoenergia’s corporate strategy, committed with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project particularly focuses the efforts in No Poverty (goal 1), Sustainable Cities and Communities (goal 11) and Partnerships for the Goals (goal 17)​

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This initiative is part of Iberdrola group’s response to Coronav​irus​.​