Red flag: Neoenergia’s distributors reinforce saving tips






National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) has decided, in an extraordinary meeting held on Monday (11/30), to reactivate the system of Tariff Flags. For December 2020, the regulatory entity has established a Red Flag, Level 2, with a cost of R$ 6.243 for each 100 kilowatts-hour consumed. 

In May this year, due to the new coronavirus pandemic, Aneel had decided to hold the Green Flag activated up to December 31, 2020, but the drop in the storage level of hydro power plants reservoirs and the resumption of energy consumption had led them to review their decision. The Tariff Flag signals changes in the costs of energy generation, as a result of the activation of thermal power plants. 

Neoenergia distributors highlight that the impacts of Red Flag's additional charge can be minimized.  Thus, the companies started to reinforce, this Tuesday (1st), a series of economy tips that can help the consumers to change some habits and attitudes of the daily life, avoiding the waste of electric energy and, above all, reducing the amount of the bill. See here: ​​

Buy efficient home appliances (and use it efficiently)

Old-fashioned home appliances are usually less efficient. If possible, replace them with more modern appliances with Procel Energy Efficiency seal. This will be helpful in saving energy and reducing the cost of the bills. Find out which models and powers are more efficient. Before using, review the manual to maximize usage and minimize energy consumption. ​​​

Turn off the computer if you will not use it within one hour

Some people think that leaving the computer on 24 hours consumes less energy than turning it on and off with every use, but it doesn't work that way. The monitor can be turned off whenever the user is not in the environment. If the breaks between uses are long, lasting more than an hour, for example, the most optimal action is to turn everything off. If possible, choose laptops, as they use to be more cost-effective. 

Keep an eye on your cell phone charger

Do not leave the phone charger in the socket or after the device is fully charged. The charger consumes electric energy when plugged, and, in addition you will be preventing home accidents.  

Enjoy natural light 

Besides being comfortable for the eyes, enjoying the natural light of the day is helpful in reducing the waste of energy. Avoid turning on lights in naturally enlightened environments, prefer places with large windows and clear walls.  

Avoid the use of stand-by function of devices

Never leave the devices plugged into the socket in stand-by mode that allows you to connect the equipment directly. There is no need to continue consuming energy if you are not using the appliances. Prefer to unplug the appliance when not in use, even if you don't find it convenient. Convenience does not worth the waste in this case.  

Choose LED lamps

Even if LED lamps are more expensive, the long-term savings pay off the initial costs because they last longer and consume up to 80% less than conventional lamps. Always prefer LED lamps. Remove burned compact fluorescent lamps from the nozzle. The coupled reactor may consume energy if the switch is on. 

Use timer function of TV sets 

Avoid sleeping with TV sets turned on. This is an unreasonable energy consumption. If you know that you usually go to sleep watching TV, use the "timer" or "sleep" function, available in most models, and program the device to turn it off automatically​.

Keep a pleasant air conditioning temperature 


To save energy, there is no need to suffer and turn off the air conditioning in the hot weather. Setting the equipment at a constant temperature is refreshing and helps to reduce the amount of the bills. A tip is to adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, between 23 and 25 degrees. 

Other information can be found in the Energy Efficiency section of the Neoenergia distributors' websites​: 








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