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The importance of conscious consumption at home



Company informs how to increase the efficiency in the daily life of residential consumers, with responsible use of household appliances and new habits





Few people know that a small change in habits and responsible use of household appliances can make a difference. For this, Neoenergia has gathered tips and guidelines that support the consumer to consciously and sustainably use the products at home, in addition to creating a routine with gains for the planet and their own pockets.


A topic that is still little talked about when it comes to economics is video games. Currently, they are in 4.47% of Brazilian homes, with heavy use from six to seven days and with greater use from 2 to 4 hours a day. These devices consume a lot of energy to watch videos and access the internet and have a high stand-by consumption. Models such as the PS4 and XBOX One, for example, have stand-bye power of 8.5W and 15.7W, respectively.


When used for video streaming or internet access, the power is twice that of a computer. In TV mode, the Xbox, if used for 4 hours, represents 8.64 kWh per month, that is, twice the energy of a computer and a 19-inch TV.​



The tips for those who want to acquire new efficient and sustainable habits with video games is to unplug the consoles when not in use or leave the "off" function on. Enabling auto-off with off-time scheduling is also a good option, so there's no wasted electricity. When watching videos, listening to music, surfing the internet, it is important to use equipment dedicated to these uses.


The iron is another point that still raises doubts. The ideal for responsible consumption and at a lower cost is not to accumulate the greatest amount of clothes and to iron them at once, because according to a survey INMETRO – MDIC, this method is not advantageous. If clothes crumple in the wardrobe, the ideal is to iron only when they are actually used. Selecting the temperature indicated for each type of fabric and turning off the iron when you need to stop the service are also relevant recommendations for saving on the electricity bill.


According to tests carried out, the consumption of the device to keep warm for 10 minutes is greater when compared to the first minute to warm it up. Also according to research, it is recommended to use the iron in dry mode and, in steam irons, the smaller the amount of steam applied, the lower the expenditure.


The plate area also influences energy savings, as the larger it is, the greater its consumption. It is essential to use the model that meets the needs of the family. Vaporizers spend twice as much as steam irons, making it an unrecommended option for home use.


The company also emphasizes that domestic appliances must be used correctly, following the manufacturer's guidelines and observing the efficiency of the consumption classification table of the Brazilian Labeling Program (PBE/Inmetro) and the Procel seal. Customers should reduce the time they spend on and plugged in as a way to save money.​ ​