Innovation and technology

For a city accessible to all.

Unemployed, Alex Souza sought a possibility of returning to the labor market through qualification. That's when he started attending the technical course in Business Administration at a public school in the capital of Bahia and met a teacher who would change the course of his history. The professor introduced him to a program that included blacks and blacks from the periphery in terms of technology, innovation, and sustainability. Alex was a listener and would then be able to give a voice to several other people.

The course opened doors and a new world for Alex. A tutor, who would later become his co-worker, has since helped him to take higher flights like someone who learns to take to the sky, but he is not afraid of what awaits him beyond the horizon. After all, two years of unemployment had prepared Alex for a lot.

The black boy from the suburbs is now in the Bahia Public Prosecutor's Office talking, exchanging information, making an impact and life transformation for so many others. The 'Popular City Network' project, of which Alex is part, includes an application that will map accessible and inaccessible areas in Salvador. Housing, urban planning, the environment, accessibility, social change, and belonging are not part of Alex's vocabulary.

“For me, it's a huge enthusiasm every day.” It's nice to see Alex speak. He says that he had never seen himself as a social entrepreneur. Nor did he expect to become an agent of transformation in this context of race and accessibility.

“My issue with entrepreneurship is focused on the issue of change, transformation, inclusion, the right to the city, especially for blacks, people who have been left behind for many years now and who deserve redress in a larger context within the city, which is a black city, but which, unfortunately, still leaves this issue aside a lot,” says the 36-year-old man who brings the excitement of a boy who has an entire world to discover.

Alex wants to use technological advances to help the city and the population that identifies itself and becomes part of the project because he realizes that social transformation is effective when faced with the union between technology and people. The return comes precisely from the community: seeing the change happening makes Alex feel increasingly active within society and bringing something new to people.

For the future, Alex now wants to start learning how to structure his project with innovation and a differentiated methodology to make his ideas happen, achieving goals and providing real transformation

in society.