Fight against femicide

From parental education to the fight against femicide.

“When you do good, good returns.” Betânia Reis grew up watching her father's example: her idol, now deceased, was a pastor and always participated in social projects, taking little Beta with her. It was his inspiration. She says she's never met anyone as kind as him. Then, he sought to qualify, lived in Italy and returned to his neighborhood, one of the largest in Salvador: Cajazeiras, which has about 600,000 residents and is one of the largest urban agglomerations in Brazil, some even say it is one of the largest in Latin America.

The nursing technician, despite not practicing the profession, is a sector leader in a health center in her neighborhood. Helping has always been in her blood. In his church, for example, he participates in actions with music classes and the distribution of basic food baskets.

Beta dreams of the day when people will be more supportive. For her, everyone must do their part, after all, “you can make your contribution” and “those who have a burning desire to help can do more”.

Following what she believes, she found a digital way to be present in the lives of many women. That's when she created the blog “My love is foreign”, which brings together more than 3 thousand women and has existed for over 6 years. Beta says that she has already saved many women from aggressive men, even helping them return to Brazil. They are women who live in the United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and especially Italy. They form a true chain of solidarity and listening. Lawyers, psychologists, doctors... citizens who share their good will. One encourages the other in relation to self-esteem, financial and emotional independence, and freedom.

Married to an Italian with whom she is in love and the mother of four children, Beta did not experience violence, but she witnessed many women going through it. Some with depression, others who commit suicide, many others who would like to live happily. Yes, the subject is difficult and includes femicide. Beta even says that a member of the virtual community was murdered by her husband.

The girl, who is now 51 years old, has seen many terrible things happening to other women and is hoping to also witness a better world for all of them. She believes that her father would be very proud of her, since it was he who showed her the path of kindness, who taught her how to do good regardless of gratitude. And there have already been so many stories of thanks for stories and transformed lives that Beta is moved.

She would like to return to Rome, but her husband fell in love with Salvador, the human warmth, the friendships made, the fruit in the backyard... Who wouldn't fall in love? “He even started a doctorate at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA),” says Beta, who laughs and says that his admission to the university was on purpose so as not to return to his country of