Black representation

The black girl with a thirst for representation.

The year 2019 is coming to an end and if there is one person who can claim to have achieved an important goal, it is Danúbia Santos. Black woman, 33 years old, strong and with very clear ideals to work with social projects.

At the age of 14, Danúbia was already part of social movements in her community with theater workshops for children and adolescents. She comes from a peripheral neighborhood in Salvador, which is brimming with culture and is thirsty for representation. The same representation that he missed when he was a child has motivated his actions.

Danúbia says that black girls, who had never seen their own hair in a natural way, now smile in awe of their beauty. This goes beyond aesthetics. It's empowering and transforming lives.

It is a place of speech that echoes in the capital of Bahia and has been reaching out to young blacks from Sussuarana. Through communication, art, culture, and production, the Collective Negritude Sussuarana, of which Danúbia is a member, seeks to support the education of these citizens.

The racial issue has always been part of his life and today he is the scene of realization. She sees a future of growth, strengthening, and unity, but make no mistake: there are many challenges ahead. Perhaps, understanding what the community actually wants and needs is one of the greatest of them. After all, the purpose of Danubia is to truly contribute to the improvement of the lives of these people. She was on the course to expand her skills in social projects and thus help her community even more by raising funds.

Danúbia wants to show that the “favela is a power and we can conquer various spaces”.