Women electricians stand out in an area hitherto mainly occupied by men

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It takes place this Friday, October 2 the official opening of the first women's classes of Celpe Electricians School. The initiative integrates Neoenergia​ project that happens in the four distributors of the company – Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Elektro (SP e MS) e Cosern (RN). By the end of 2021, more than 2,000 students, including men and women, will have graduated from the school in the five states where Neoenergia operates, the company expects to hire almost all of them as electricians. Recently, the highlight is the female presence among the teams of electricians, which has increased in the concessionaires. This is due to the incentive that the company has given, mainly because of the creation of classes exclusively for women at the School of Electricians and bu the growing number of vacancies that they have conquered inside the company.

The Superintendent of Development, Communication and Culture of Neoenergia, Régia Barbosa, highlights the importance of the project in terms of gender equity. "Knowing that historically our sector was very male, we created the exclusive school for women, seeking to increase gener equity, especially in the area of operations, where we have most of the positions of electrician occupied by men", she says. 

For the specialist responsible for the Corporate Project of the School of Electricians, Claudia Hora, the initiative has relevance due to the transformation of life that it causes in the participants. "We promote qualification by highlighting such important issues as safety, a value that is essential in the exercise of the profession. Moreover, we realize how much this opportunity means to people, in relation to carrer direction and talent recognition", she says. 


Raquel Oliveira is among the 16 women who studied at the Cosern School of Electricians, one of Neoenergia's concessionaires, and were hired by the company in September. Raquel works in the capital Natal (RN) and left her career as a micro entrepreneur in her home city, Mossoró, to dedicate herselft to the course and profession and reflects that this was her best choice. "I am very proud to be a woman in this area. The satisfaction comes from the profession colleagues, who value my work, from the return of the customers, who feel represented when I serve them, and from the company, which has a great sense of ethics and care with safety."

Natália Coelho is one of the students who will participate in te official opening for Celpe's women's classes next Friday. The classes of the three groups, which started between August and September in the state, have been held online, in order to respect the rules of social distancing required in the gace of the pandemic of Covid-19. “This is a unique opportunity. I feel I am a pioneer because I participate in a class made up only of women because I know how predominantly male this area is. With this training, I have dedicated myself to an area that has recognition, which encourages me to want to grow in my career", says Natalia, who lives in the city of Cabo de São Agostinho (PE).

Similar motivation is shared by Aline Oliveira, who will graduate by the end of 2020 from the Coelba School of Electricians. She went from being a secretary in and office to devoting herself to the course". I had no knowledge in this area and, as time went by, I feel in love with the profession. This experience has been excellent, because I have specialized in something that brings me happiness, besides receiving encouragement from my family and friends". 

They are part of a group that today has 1.332 students graduated from 2018 to August 2020, among women and men in the four distributors. Of this total, about 70% are now employees of Neoenergia. Only this year, 394 students completed the course through the School of Electricians. In 2020, 1,583 started the classes and more than 700 students are expected to start this year. For 2021, an additional 675 participants are planned. 


The course is free and open to men and women who have completed high school or its equivalent. In addition, the candidate must be at least 18 years old on the date of registration in the selection process and possess a definitive B, C or D driver's license. Selection takes place through psychological evaluation, general knowledge test and interview.

By the end of the years, 28 groups will have started their classes. For more information about the registration schedule, it is necessary to follow the websites and social networks of the distributorsCoelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Elektro (SP and MS) e Cosern (RN). Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the theoretical classes are happening online. The practical part happens in the partner educational institutions, located in each city, with the proper recommendations of social distancing according to the health and safety protocols. 

After the conclusion of the course, the trainees become part of the company's "Talent Bank" for possible job opportunities. The initiative integrates Neoenergia's internalization process, which aims at recognizing talents among the students of the School of Electricians to compose its own team. 

For more information visit the websites:

Coelba: www.coelba.com.br

Celpe: www.celpe​​.com.br

​​​​Elektro: www.elektro.com.br

​​​​Cosern: www.cosern.com.br


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