Neoenergia's partnership with Transforma Brasil intensifies employee engagement in voluntary activities


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​​neo-energy sweater campaignActions mobilize almost 1,500 volunteers in social actions around Brazil

Social transformation involves the commitment of people and companies to have attitudes of impact. At Neoenergia,one of the initiatives that contribute to this scenario is the Volunteer Program, which mobilizes almost 1,500 employees in social actions around Brazil. In addition to the company's volunteer portal, which offers several internal opportunities throughout the year for its employees and family members, those who work in the company also benefit from the partnership with Transforma Brasil,which offers an exclusive platform for employees who want to engage even more to work for society, connecting volunteers to NGOs and projects throughout the country.  

In 2021, more than 100 actions were attended by Neoenergia volunteers, both initiatives carried out by the Iberdrola portal and the Transforma Brasil platform. This represents more than 2,100 hours dedicated to volunteer work. Among the actions are campaigns to collect food and warm-ons, send letters to nursing homes, and partnerships with NGOs, especially Operation Kilo,which took place in 84 locations.  

This week, the campaign was ended to collect clothes, clothing and blankets. The initiative, which took place in June and July, collected more than 5,800 pieces and benefited 16 institutions from different parts of the country. The collection points were placed at the stations of neoenergia distributors – Coelba (Bahia), Celpe (Pernambuco), Cosern (Rio Grande do Norte), Elektro (São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul) and Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília (DF), in the Territorial Distribution Units – from where the maintenance and service teams come from – in addition to the holding company, in Rio de Janeiro.  

Solange Sodré is one of Neoenergia's collaborators who has given her time as a volunteer. She saw the action of Transforma Brasil and felt touched to participate. The initiative was to make calls to NGOs and to raise information about what they were most in need of at the time. "It was very gratifying to act for this cause. I did everything from my heart and with great will and received the affection of the NGOs, grateful to see that someone cared. I've always been careful to help others and, now in the pandemic, this side of me has become even more sharp, because I realized that the pain of the other is not sporadic, it is daily, so what I can do to help, I will devote myself",says the full analyst of the Department of Accounts Payable and Receivable s to Neoenergia.  

Corporate volunteering

One of the novelties offered by Transforma Brasil is the social curriculum. The service is an innovation of the platform that allows to certify the hours provided and institutions served by each volunteer. The differential of innovation is to optimize the skills of the future among participants, such as communication, mentoring and training, teamwork, time management, creativity and leadership. Similarly, Neoenergia's volunteer vacancies portal has a history of all actions, through the global project 'My Social Footprint', aimed at bringing together the impacts that each person has generated in society.  

"All initiatives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, of which Neoenergia is a signatory. Thus, we put into practice actions that promote health and well-being, reduce gender inequalities and equity, eradicate hunger and quality education, as well as actions to combat climate change. All this through partnerships that facilitate the implementation of attitudes," says Clayton Freire, manager of Internal Communication and Culture and coordinatorof the Neoenergia Volunteer Program.  

For the creator and president of Transforma Brasil, Fábio Silva, the partnership with Neoenergia reinforces the importance and benefits of corporate volunteering." We contribute to the development of socio-emotional skills in the teams, in addition to reinforcing the purpose, DNA and organizational culture of Neoenergia, generating a healthier internal environment in the approximation of the various levels of employees",he says.  


In 2020, the participation of Neoenergia's employees as volunteers increased by 33.5% compared to the previous year. In total, there were 100 actions in several cities where Neoenergia operates, benefiting 430,608 people directly and 1,697,718 indirectly.  

In addition, Iberdrola annually promotes International Volunteer Day, with a week of actions during the month of September. Last year, the celebration was mobilized by 9,000 volunteers in 10 countries where Iberdrola is present, in a totally remote model because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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