Neoenergia Institute announces organizations selected in Programa de Aceleração Social Impactô

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Neoenergia Institute, in partnership with Instituto Ekloos, announced the 14 NOGs and two social business  selected in the second edition of Aceleração Social Impactô​ (Impactô Acceleration Program) program, comprising the regions of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo this year. As a part of Neoenergia Institute's investment to combat COVID-19, Impactô notice was targeted to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, considered the epicenter of the pandemic, and where Neoenergia's headquarters is located as well as the area of influence of Elektro - the group's distributor in São Paulo State.

With a record number of 406 applications, being 277 from Civil Society Organizations and 129 Social Businesses - Impactô has selected 16 organizations that will be granted, in addition to a R$ 20 thousand financial contribution, with qualification programs on management, through online mentoring in the areas of strategy, business and innovation, during the period of five months, to be prepared for the new reality after COVID-19.

“The selection process was challenging, particularly due the quality of the purposes and causes of the NOGs and Social Businesses enrolled. We were pleased with the result and, in this edition, we bring together a diversity of causes, ranging from organizations focused on women empowerment to job and income creation", says Renata Chagas, Neoenergia Institute's CEO.


The purpose is that up to five managers from each of these 16 organizations are trained by the program, slated to start August, 2020. “In this Impactô edition, we saw the amazing ability of civil society organizations to readapt to combat the pandemic.  We are assured that the selected organizations will replicate this knowledge so that, all together, we are able to reduce the impacts of this new reality", says Andrea Gomides, Instituto Ekloos' CEO.


It is aimed at fostering the development of social and environmental action in the areas of operation of Neoenergia, its sponsor, by supporting society in the management and promotion of selected projects, reinforcing the company's commitment with the development of local culture and economy. For the 2018 to 2022 cycle, the challenge of Neoenergia Institute is to collaborate directly with the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. The main objectives are the contribution to the improvement of the life quality of the most vulnerable people and the commitment to sustainable development, through carrying out projects in the scope of the following pillars: Training and Research, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Art and Culture, Social Action and Institutional Collaboration, which seeks alliances to achieve the SDGs.


It is a social accelerator that, over its 13 years of operation, has already qualified over 5,000 entrepreneurs and accelerated more than 400 NGOs and social impact business. With an Acceleration Program based in own and differentiated methodologies, it has been working with social initiatives so as to qualify the management, support sustainable development and foster innovation, enabling an increased social impact generated by each organization in their area of operation. In 2018 and 2019, it was ranked among the 10 top in Brazil and, in 2017, it was recognized by the Best NOGs Award by Época Magazine and Instituto Doar.


This program is carried out under a partnership with Instituto Ekloos and aims at boosting the development of Civil Society Organizations and Social Business. Launched in 2019, this initiative was carried out in Salvador, with the support of Coelba, and has selected five organizations in the city to participate in qualification and mentoring programs in strategic management, business and innovation areas, for a period of four months, amounting to 864 hours of activities, directly impacting 2,145 children, adolescents and youths supported by the accelerated institutions.  

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