Neoenergia guides to prevent electric accidents in construction and renovation


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The time to build and renovate the property comes with many expectations and requires some care. With this in mind, Neoenergia  has organized essential guidelines to ensure safety in situations involving the electric grid at the time to renovate or build. The alert becomes even more important knowing that civil construction and maintenance are among the main causes of occurrences with victims involving the electric grid. In this way, the company acts in a preventive manner by bringing information to the population regarding safety care.

Before starting any intervention, you must be aware that walls, windows and balconies cannot be built at a distance less than 2.5 meters from the electric grid. This prevents accidental touches to the wiring that can result in serious accidents, whether during construction or renovation of the residence. In addition, the wiring should not be moved away from the construction site under any circumstances. Only Neoenergia teams are authorized to take such initiative. "For the accident to happen, the person need not necessarily touch the cable. Sometimes only proximity can cause a discharge by electric induction, which also causes various damages to the human body. That's why safe distance guideline is so important to follow", declares Neoenergia Health and Safety Manager, Harley Albuquerque. 

When starting the activities around the house, it is recommended to be attentive when using objects such as iron bars, slats, plaster rulers, rebar and other types of metallic materials, because they can conduct the electric current when approaching the grid. Care should also be taken when assembling scaffolding and using ladders, which should always be kept away from the electric grid, as these structures can conduct energy and cause electric shock.

"It is advisable is always to hire a specialized professional to build or renovate. This recommendation is even more important in services involving electric energy, especially in indoor environments. Only the specialist will be able to deal with the wiring while performing the interventions in the house, decreasing the risks of unnecessary accidents", informs Albuquerque. The manager takes the opportunity to reinforce that, during the whole work, the professionals need to use protective equipment, such as helmets and gloves.

In general, the ideal is to restrict access and avoid circulation in rooms that are being renovated, especially if there are children at home. "We have the constant work of alerting the population about the risks of accidents that some attitudes cause, bringing information and increasing the level of awareness for prevention," says the Health and Safety manager at Neoenergia. 


The renovation and construction of the house can come with the installation of antennas. Hence the need to follow some guidelines aimed at accident prevention, since the equipment must be kept at a safe distance from the electric grid. In the event of heavy rain or wind, the antenna may tilt or fall towards the cables, which represents a risk not only for the people living in the house but also interferes with the distribution grid and affects the supply to the entire region. If this happens, never hold or try to recover the antenna, because there is a great risk of shock.

In the event of an accident involving the electric grid, call the Emergency Medical Service at 192 or the Fire Department at 193. For grid occurrences, Neoenergia can be contacted through the 116 service channels. 


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