Neoenergia distributors deliver Solar Panels to health and educational institutions in three states


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Solar energy is clean and, with photovoltaic systems, also enables saving in the energy bill. Due to this, aiming to contribute to philanthropic health and educational institutions in its concession area, three Neoenergia distributors - Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE) and Elektro (SP e MS) – delivered in 2020 generation equipment that sum up a 350.42 kWp installed capacity. The total investment in the year amounted to almost R$ 1.5 million, in funds from the Energy Efficiency Programs (PEE) of the distributors, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). The actions will continue in 2021 and, in February, Elektro completed the implementation of a system that received around R$ 1.4 million investment, benefiting Santa Casa Dona Carolina Malheiros, in São João da Boa Vista (SP), a philanthropic unit that is treating Covid-19 patients.

The system delivered to the institution in São Paulo state was approved to installation under a public call of the distributor for energy efficiency projects. With estimated generation of 466 MWh/year, it shall supply the equivalent to approximately, 30% of the institution’s annual consumption. In Salvador, Coelba started in March the installation of four new systems, also under PEE. One is at Abrigo São Gabriel, an institution for care with the elderly, where the total power will be 20 kWp and annual generation is estimated at almost 30 MWh, which represents about 75% of the energy consumed by the organization. Also in Bahia, the schools Angelina Rocha, with an installed capacity of 29.97 kWp; Antônio Pithon, with an installed capacity of 20.25 kWp; and Mario Altenfelder (29.97 kWp) will also benefit from solar panels. The total investment of the concessionaire’s three projects in Bahia amounts to R$ 322,128.70 and savings are expected to reach over R$ 38.5 per year.

“Our purpose with the installation of solar panels is to support these institutions, which carry out important social work in our concession areas. In addition to providing this social benefit, the promotion of clean energy generation is in line with our global commitment with de-carbonization, since this is a sustainable source”, says Ana Christina Mascarenhas, Neoenergia’s Energy Efficiency Manager.


The largest investment in 2020 in a single system was R$ 761,260.25, the amount allocated by Coelba for the installation of solar panels at the Santo Antonio Educational Center, which is part of Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce, in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador. A total of 537 photovoltaic modules of 360 Wp each were used, which were distributed in nine inverters, for a total power of 193.32 kWp. Generation provided by the system is expected to meet two-thirds of the institution's consumption with clean energy.

Founded in 1964 by Sister Dulce, initially to shelter socially vulnerable children and teenagers, it has been operating since 1994 as a full-time school and today assists more than 780 students.

In Pernambuco, Celpe benefited Fundação Terra, an organization that assists vulnerable people in the areas of education and health. The system donated to the institution has an installed capacity of 44 kWp and annual generation is estimated at 56 MWh, which is equivalent to 47% of the foundation's annual consumption. The investment in the installation of the panels was R$ 219,003.92, using funds from the distributor's Energy Efficiency Program.

Elektro allocated R$ 728.050.00 to the installation of a power plant in Santa Casa de Limeira, with 113.1 kWp power. Generation estimated for the year is 145 MWh/ano, equivalent to savings of around R$ 5,000.00/month in the institution’s energy bill, which is treating patients with Covid-19 in the city.


Through its Energy Efficiency programs, Neoenergia distributors are delivering over 700 scientific refrigerators for vaccine storage, an initiative benefiting 673 municipalities in four states - Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte and São Paulo, concession areas of Coelba, Celpe, Cosern e Elektro, respectively. The action amounted to R$ 7.5 million in funds from PEE, and will contribute to the immunization of the population and the fight against the covid-19 pandemic in cities with the lowest Municipal Human Development Indexes (HDI) in the areas where the group's companies operate.

Other actions within the scope of the program have contributed to the support of the population since last year. The project, classified as of Great Relevance Covid-19 Hospitals equipped hospitals in Bahia and Pernambuco during the first half of 2020, benefitting 75 units with more efficient equipment. 182 refrigerators and freezers and 99 air conditioning equipment were installed. In addition, 7,935 lamps were replaced with LED models, which are more efficient and may provide average savings of 40% in the building lighting system.

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