Neoenergia develops strategies to improve Customer Experience

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customer-experienceIn partnership with Senai/Cimatec, the company creates the Lean Office program for optimize customer service time


To increase the quality and efficiency of service in its distributors,focusing on customer satisfaction and process improvement, Neoenergia launches the Lean Office project - Productivity Excellence Program. The initiative, conducted in partnership with Senai/Cimatec and developed by employees of Coelba – the company's distributor that serves the state of Bahia, will bring the optimization of service time, with simplicity of processes and facilities for the client.

The improvements made through the initiative were responsible for the significant reduction in the deadlines of the requests made. The process for sending mail, for example, which previously could take up to 24 hours to complete, now has a finish time of up to 10 minutes, representing an improvement of more than 99%. From the application of Lean Office there was an advance in the time of completion of requests in several processes, with effectiveness indexes similar to that recorded in sending the correspondences. Thus, the company obtained gains in the use of time and in the labor involved, enabling more agility and efficiency in the activities performed.  

Among the initiatives are the review and simplification of processes, focusing on the reduction of excessive activities and deadlines for customer response, improvement in the quality of service, through the creation of support material for consultation and schedule of weekly transfer of procedures and guidelines. Improvements were also made in the monitoring system, enabling the monitoring of the rate of return to the store and changes in flows, which decreases the effort of the consumer in its displacement. The project also works with the incentive to digital relationship in the company's online platforms, seeking new possibilities on the site.  

By using techniques for continuous improvement, the program team mapped the most critical services by observing the progress and movements of each service. Thus, it was possible to identify and restructure the way services were provided in the old model. With the massive adoption of the new strategies, approximately 21,600 customers are expected to benefit annually. The company continues with the mapping of new opportunities and implementation of actions, seeking more agility and quality to promote an increasingly better experience to consumers.

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