Neoenergia bets on tailor-made solutions for customers


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Digitisation, decentralization and decarbonisation. These are the three pillars of the energy of the future, in which Neoenergia is a pioneer in Brazil with a focus on technology and the use of clean and renewable sources. Through Neoenergia Soluções,the company's liberalized business arm, the company operates in the distributed solar power generation segment for residential, commercial and industrial customers. The company has already installed solar panels in more than 1,400 homes, reaching power in more than 5 MW installed, and has plants in operation to serve commercial customers. In addition, it develops products tailored to the most diverse types of consumers, such as engineering services and the provision of services and insurance, throughout Brazil.

"Our business strategy is to offer intelligent and assertive solutions to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining the long-term relationship we create with them. We develop these services based on specialized analysis and our expertise of more than 23 years working throughout the chain of the electricity sector. In addition, the expansion of solar energy in Brazil, combined with a movement of decarbonization of the automotive sector and new technologies (e.g. batteries and hydrogen), is part of the company's strategy to increase the range of products to be offered to its customers, always in line with the production of clean and efficient energy. Promoting the fight against climate change, one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 13) with which we are committed," says Hugo Nunes, Director of Liberalized Business at Neoenergia.

For residential consumers, the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of microgeneration homes currently has among its advantages, a reduction in the electricity bill of up to 95% and the appreciation of the property. Neoenergia Soluções operates in retail, with sales by its website(www.neoenergiacomercializacao.com.br)and telephone. Its e-commerce platform has been completely redesigned and accompanies the entire customer journey, offering an intuitive simulator that can be run in order to discover the best solar solution for the customer.

The same business model can be applied to commercial and industrial customers who have spaces on roofs, or on the ground, for installation of equipment. In addition to the on-site generation option, Neoenergia Soluções offers the construction of the remote plant where the energy generated is compensated through credits in the light bill. In an economy increasingly based on sustainability, by opting for distributed minigeneration and using a clean energy source, the customer still adds value to their brand. Hence the increase in the demand of this business model in the final consumer market.

Neoenergia has developed five solar plants that operate in this way, located in Pernambuco and with power exceeding 1,400 kWp, the plants generate energy credits that will be used by five commercial customers in their more than 30 points of consumption. Under current rules, distributed minigeneration includes assets with power of up to 5 MW.

Engineering services

For group A customers, which are large trades or industries that receive energy in medium and high voltage (above 2.3 kV), Neoenergia Soluções offers tailor-made engineering services such as the construction of substations, transmission lines and distribution networks adequacy of measurement and billing systems for customers who are migrating to the free energy market and also power factor correction.

The commitment is to offer its customers an optimal solution through complete engineering and at the best market price, acting from the feasibility study and development of the project to the energization of the enterprise in order to ensure agile delivery, with safety and quality.

Services and Products Neoenergia Soluções also operates with insurance and low cost services for customers: residential insurance (Protected House), residential insurance with protection of the solar inverse (Protected House Plus), life insurance (Family Protected and You Protected), health plan (Card of All) and microcredit (Crefaz), Dental plan (Dental System). Currently the company serves more than 233,000 customers with these products and expects to continue growing in number of consumers.

"Neoenergia believes in the development of the national market for solar energy, electric mobility and batteries. We are aware of the disruptive processes that are emerging from renewable energy sources for various uses," concludes Nunes.

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