Neoenergia reinforces guidelines to ensure more safety and economy during the Christmas festivities


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Company gives tips for people to have a conscious consumption at Christmas

Christmas is close and, therefore, the decorations that characterize the period – colored lamps, lighting ribbons, Christmas trees and the famous flasher – take over the streets and houses. Every year there are novelties in the ornamentation itis. Thinking about it, Neoenergia has given some care to the moment of purchasing and installing these products and the other items that make up the traditional Christmas decoration. All to help consumers have efficient and safe habits during the festivities.  

The first attention is given when buying the flasher lights. Information on power, voltage and instructions for use should be contained on the accessory packaging. This will ensure more product reliability. The option for LED lamps is safer and more efficient as they heat up less and use less energy than conventional ones. It is also common for people to reuse the blink from one year to another. In this case, it is essential to observe the state of conservation of the wire, checking its entire length to identify if there is any damaged point. If you find any damage, it is ideal to discard it to avoid shocks and short circuits.  

In the case of flasher lights, the information on the power of the product, given in watts (W) and indicated on the packaging, deserves attention. The higher the power, the higher the energy consumption. For example, a standard set of 100 micro lamps has, on average, 5.5W of power, if turned on for 11 hours daily, consuming 1.8 kWh/month. In this case, the tip is to reduce usage time. If they are switched on for five hours, from 7:00 pm to midnight, the consumption of these lamps drops to 0.8 kWh/month.  

Lighting should be installed by people who are dry and sidewalked. It is important to make sure that the flasher is disconnected from the power during handling. It should only be turned on after assembly is complete. If the person wants to change something in the Christmas decoration, such as the position of the flasher, they must first disconnect from the socket, make the change, and then turn on again.

"Another point of attention is with the lights on the Christmas tree. It is important to avoid the use of ornaments made of paper, cardboard, cotton, wool and dry straws, because in case of short circuit, they burn quickly. For the same reason, give preference to trees that have "fire resistance" specifications to decrease the chances of accidents. Allied to this, you need to know how to choose the tree. Most of them are made of materials such as plastic and metal – energy conductors. If there is a fault in the flasher, it can energize the whole decoration,"explains Harley Albuquerque, Health and Safety Manager at Neoenergia.  

The guidelines also extend to the external environment. Care must be taken when installing the lights outside the residence, because the ornament suffers from the action of time, drying the wiring. These materials should be for "use at the time", that is, we will have the mitigation of chances of a shock or short circuit with more severe proportions.  

The lighting should be turned off whenever the person goes to sleep or leaves the house, as most accidents happen when no one is around. In addition, it is worth avoiding the use of T's to connect several items in the same outlet. This can overload the socket used and cause serious accidents. Those who have children or animals at home need to redouble their attention, keeping the ornaments and equipment connected to electricity out of their reach.  

In case of an accident, the first step is to turn off the power breaker of the house. Then note the victim's status. If necessary, activate the emergency service, especially in situations involving children and the elderly. If you need it, the service of the region's power distributor.

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