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As summer approaches and temperatures rise, there is an increase in the use of appliances such as air conditioning, fans and fridges. Aiming at encouraging conscious consumption in this period, Neoenergia has listed some habits that foster the best use of energy. The results can be seen both in the reduction of the bill and in the preservation of the environment, reducing environmental impacts based on energy efficiency practices.    

One of the recommendations is when buying home appliances or electronics, as advised by Neoenergia’s Energy Efficiency Manager, Ana Mascarenhas. "The existence of Procel seal, which indicates the products with the best levels of energy efficiency and lowest energy consumption per category, should always be observed. People with old equipment should also be attentive, as it may require maintenance or to be replaced, due to the higher energy consumption", she says.    

Other guidelines refer to changing habits in common daily activities, such as bathing and refreshing. Learn which equipment deserves more attention and how it can be used more efficiently:    


It accounts for around 30% of the monthly consumption in the energy bill. To prevent the consumption of the equipment from weighing on the energy bill, just avoid opening it several times. Also, do not put hot food in the fridge - wait until it is at room temperature to cool.  

Air Conditioning

In the hot season, people tend to keep their air-conditioning appliances on for longer and at lower temperatures. This leads to higher energy consumption and a consequent increase in the bill. In this case, it is recommended to keep the equipment temperature between 23º and 25º and to set the automatic shutdown 30 minutes before leaving the environment. The other option is to purchase equipment with reverse technology, in which the compressor is better used, reducing the equipment consumption by up to 40%.  


The simple act of changing the shower from "winter" to "summer" already provides a differential that can generate a reduction of about 40% in the monthly consumption of the unit. With the higher temperatures between December and March, this option provides a much more pleasant water temperature.  


The use of LED lamps  represents an investment that will be reverted into benefits later on. This is due to the fact that they provide the same light package with less power, so they consume less energy, with a reduction of up to 80% in monthly spending.    

Environmental benefit

The adoption of energy efficiency habits brings two main benefits: the economic and the environmental. When it comes to sustainability, the figures provide a good overview: for each 50 kWh of energy saved, it is equivalent to 8 kg of carbon that ceases to be emitted into the atmosphere, according to the calculation made by the Green Initiative institution. With the decline in the emission of polluting and greenhouse gases, such as CO2, the effects of climate change that cause disastrous impacts on life on the planet are reduced.    

Neoenergia contributes actively to this scenario by fostering attitudes towards sustainable development. Among them is the Energy Efficiency program of its distributors, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), which provides, among other things, initiatives to exchange conventional lamps for LED lamps free of charge in homes and public institutions, the installation of solar panels and the training of children and adolescents on the conscious use of energy.  

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