Neoenergia electricians travel to Madrid and present to the King of Spain, Felipe VI

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Invited by Iberdrola, Neoenergia's parent company, professionals talk about the importance of the Electricians' School

Invited by Iberdrola, controller of Neoenergia, professionals talk about the importance of the School of Electricians in their lives

The professional trajectory and the example of overcoming two electricians from Neoenergia provided a meeting with King Felipe VI of Spain. Michele Sena and Caroline França, who work at Neoenergia Coelba, a distributor that serves more than 6 million customers in Bahia, traveled to Madrid to present their experiences at the School of Electricians, an initiative of the company that offers free professional training and qualification and which has graduated 702 new electricians last year.

"It is essential to have a good professional training so that the young person feels more able to take advantage of the opportunities. Continuous learning will certainly make a difference for the development of this young person in the labor market," said Michele Sena. With her father, she always wanted to enter the business and saw in the School the missing opportunity in the market.

Caroline France also attended the School of Electricians and is now studying electrotechnics to get new opportunities within Neoenergia Coelba. "It is very important that young people plan their future. They need direction and determination – for this, it is necessary to invest in education and focus – in this way, surely they will have a promising future", commented the electrician in the meeting with the King of Spain. The event "Training, Employment and Excellence" of Iberdrola, neoenergia's controlling group, took place on January 13.

The presentation had as its theme the School of Electricians, which promotes free professional training, and the importance of female participation in social spaces that, historically, are occupied by men. Electricians also reported their personal experiences, about the need for equity of opportunities and professional preparation for young people.

About the School of Electricians

The School of Electricians is an initiative of Neoenergia to create opportunities for free professional training, which supports the entry into the labor market for residents of the areas of operation of the company's electricity distributors – Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo and the Federal District.

Since 2019, Neoenergia has formed exclusive classes for women, aiming to foster female participation in the electricians market. Last year, the course received about 18,300 applications this year and 465 students are still in training. Upon completing the studies, the new professionals can be hired by the group's distributors or enter the labor market of the sector.

The School of Electricians plays a key role in expanding the generation of employment and income for the population of the concession areas is in this. Since the beginning of the project, 5,075 new electricians have been formed and 3,728 of them have been hired to work within Neoenergia's units. In 2022, 264 more students were admitted to the course, 30% of them women.

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