Coralizar Project: Instituto Neoenergia and WWF Brasil release new podcast on the life of corals

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The action is part of the Coralizar Project​ (Projeto Coralizar), executed in partnership with WWF-Brasil, which aims at restoring corals in the Northeast region of Brazil


Instituto Neoenergia launches Podcast Coralizar on March 17, with six episodes that bring the listener even closer to the incredible world of corals. The action is part of Coralizar Project, executed in partnership with WWF-Brasil, which aims at restoring corals in the Northeast region of Brazil, through research and environmental education actions in the areas of APA Costa de Corais and Atol das Rocas, on the coast of Pernambuco.

 The podcast seeks to spread knowledge about corals with accessible language, highlighting their importance for preservation of marine life and, consequently, for maintenance of human life, encouraging civil society to actively participate in the care and protection of this ecosystem. 

The first episode of the series answers a very common question: "What are corals?", a question that is discussed in a chat with Paula Braga, professor at UFRPE and specialist in coastal reefs, and Rodrigo Leão Moura, professor at UFRJ and one of the coordinators of the Abrolhos Network. Leading the conversation is Paulina Chamorro, a journalist specializing in environmental conservation and co-founder of the Liga das Mulheres pelos Oceanos (“League of Women for the Oceans").

The Coralizar project is implemented by the BioFábrica de Corais and Instituto Nautilus.  With joint support of the Federal and Rural Universities of Pernambuco and the Associação dos Jangadeiros de Porto de Galinhas (Porto de Galinhas Jangadeiro Association).

Preserving our corals is preserving our Natural Heritage and the Neoenergia Institute, through the Coralizar Project, contributes to the conservation of corals and the oceans.


Below is the list of episodes for the podcast:

EP.1 What are corals?

EP.2 Climate change and coral bleaching

EP.3 Coral reef restoration

EP.4 Innovation

EP.5 Tourism and corals

EP.6 Deep Ocean

Where to listen: 

The six episodes are available on the Spotify  and SoundCloud pages of WWF-Brasil.

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