Management Bodies

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The corporate governance policy of the Neonergia Group companies is based on transparency and equity. In this way, we seek to fulfill our goals with responsibility, profitability and loyalty to our corporate mission. 

To ensure respect for the rights of those who are influenced by Neoenergia performance, the company's governance practices follow the guidelines of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC). This model promotes synergy between subsidiaries and the holding company, allowing unification of processes and gains of scale. 

As result of our practices, Neoenergia was the first private holding company in the Brazilian electricity sector to receive the investment grade from Standard & Poor's (S&P), the international credit risk assessment agency . The company has the best rating that a regulated Brazilian company can have. 

The objective of the Corporate Governance structure is to conduct the management of the company in order to ensure the generation of value for shareholders, in alignment with the corporate guidelines and the promotion of the sustainable development of society. 

The composition of the Corporate Governance structure is as follows:​

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