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Neoenergia | SE Narandiba S.A. ("SE NARANDIBA") is a closed company, established on August 18, 2008, controlled 100% by Neoenergia,based in Rio de Janeiro. The company is a specific purpose company (SPE) and has a 100% stake in the Narandiba, Brumado II and Extremoz II Substations.

The project was built to strengthen the energy supply of the Metropolitan Region of Salvador and has 700 MVA of installed power, through three transformers of 230/69 kV. Made with state-of-the-art equipment – such as Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) and Plug And Switch System(Pass) – it offers greater reliability and security in the services provided. Since its conception, it has had low socio-environmental impact, being built from waste management and effluent treatment programs.


Narandiba - 230/69kV

Mistium II - 230/138kV

Extremoz II - 230/69kV


Afluente TNarandibaPotiguar SulAtiabiaSobralBiguaçu 


DouradosJalapãoSanta LuziaVale do ItajaíGuanabaraItabapoanaLagoa dos Patos

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