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The Neoenergia Transmission Line | Nova Porto Primavera – Rio Brilhante, of the Dourados project, is the first delivery of lot 4 of the auction, carried out by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) in April 2017, which will strengthen the electrical system in Mato Grosso do Sul. In this first stage, two substations were expanded and 327 towers were built in 147 kilometers long. The last to be hoisted, about 80 meters high, is within the Paraná River, making the deployment more complex by requiring the assembly to happen gradually, using boats and crane. The operating license was granted by Ibama (Brazilian Institute of The Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) in early July of this year.


In all, the batch includes seven transmission lines at 230 kV. The stretch inaugurated is the second most extensive, behind only what will be between Rio Brilhante and Campo Grande, with 149 kilometers. The project is 611 kilometers long, in addition to the construction of a new substation at 230/138kV and the expansion of six in 230kV, two of which have already been delivered. To advance the works and maintain safety during the coronavirus pandemic, Neoenergia modernized its processes, using, for example, a drone to carry out environmental surveys.



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