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Professional Growth

Neoenergia is proud to follow the trajectory of those who start with the company.

What is professional growth and how to achieve? These are common questions for those entering the labor market and remain important questions to be answered throughout a career.

The truth is that growing in the professional environment is the result of the combination of many factors, such as:

- Internal company possibilities;
- Career moment and professional objectives;
- Search for new challenges and responsibilities;
- Experiences and knowledge acquired over time.

Where to start professional development?

This process can begin with the internship, a relevant stage in professional life, which generally represents the initial experience in the corporate world.

In any case, professional growth and people's well-being are directly connected to an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative work environment.

With an eye on great talent, the Neoenergia Internship Program, aimed at students from all over the country, promotes the development of interns and encourages the continuity of professionals who stand out after this period.

Inspiration: stories and tips from those who have already accumulated achievements

Neoenergia's principle is to promote careers as an essential instrument for innovation and business evolution.

This formula generated good results many years ago, with concrete examples of success, such as Saulo Cabral, who began his career as an intern at Neoenergia Pernambuco (Celpe, at the time) and is

now CEO of the distribution company.

“Having started as an intern in this company certainly played a fundamental role in the path I followed over the years. As I always say, Neoenergia - with its growth and flexibility policy - is a company with great opportunities”, says Saulo

Bianca Paiva also began her internship career in 2014 in the area of Engineering. She currently works as a supervisor for UTD Auto-Oeste.

In addition to the experience of professional evolution, she was able to follow, over the years, the evolution of the inclusion of women in the unit, in an environment that was predominantly male: “It was gratifying to see the increase in the number of women in the operation,” she says.

Guarabira Graça is an example of a collaborator who embraced one of the internal opportunities offered by Neoenergia. After interning for two years in External Communication at Neoenergia Cosern, he was employed, in 2022, in the area of Digital Communication and Customer Registration.

“It's a learning experience, with a lot of technology and analysis, which is the future of the market today,” he says. He says that he always wanted to work for the company because he believes that the future is green and Neoenergia is the way to do that

For Patricia Franco, the secret was always to propose to learn more about the company's business, participating in different projects and overcoming her own challenges. She started as an intern at Neoenergia Elektro in 2016 and is currently a corporate sustainability supervisor in the Processes and Technology department.

“The great differential of Neoenergia is the possibility of being protagonists of our development. Here, we have space to express our opinions, develop our ideas, with a leadership that is always present, open and willing to help us”, she highlights.

According to Patricia, some tips that contributed to her trajectory were:

1. Continuous search for learning
2. Take on challenges
3. Embrace opportunities
4. Enthusiasm and dedication

Discover the future of your career at Neoenergia - a transformative journey towards professional success

The Neoenergia Internship Program aims to develop young talent, through active participation in the company's routine, processes and projects, facing challenges and overcoming them with innovative initiatives. The duration of the program is one to two years and throughout the process the student will have access to the various benefits offered by the company.