Financial Education: Discover the best investments for each investor profile

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If you have a more conservative profile, you can opt for low-risk investments. But, if you want large amounts of income in the short term, you can opt for high-risk investments.

If you already have some knowledge about finance and would like to take your first steps into the world of investments, this text is for you! Let's learn more about the different investment profiles?​


What is Financial Independence?

Financial independence consists in being able to maintain the desired standard of living without having to depend on the salary of a steady job. The idea is to have a financial balance and work for pleasure or choice rather than the need to pay the bills at the end of the month.

It can be built from the combination of a set of income, resulting from assets – such as property rent and investment income – and other income that are guaranteed to be received – such as retirement, pensions, private pension or dividends.

How to start investing?

There are hundreds of investment options. They generally differ in four respects: time, rate, amount and risk.

  • Time is the expected period for that money to give you a return.
  • Rate is the amount of such return. It can be fixed (that is, you receive the value regardless of any developments) or variable (the rate is according to the conditions agreed upon at the time of the sale).
  • Amount is the money invested. Some investments require larger amounts. Others can be done with small amounts.
  • Risk concerns your investor profile. The greater the risk, the greater the possible profits - as well as the losses. 

Investor Profile: the north for your investments

People react in different ways to their assets. There are those who prefer a fixed, assured and loss-free income. Others prefer to optimize their yields as much as possible, even though this entails risks.

As there are different types of investments, first of all, you need to discover your investor profile. If you have a more conservative profile, you can opt for low-risk investments. But, if you want large amounts of income in the short term, you can opt for high-risk investments. The optimal approach is to diversify and have a little of each.

conservative investor profile

Conservative Profile

A conservative investment profile is characterized by investments that prioritize assurance with availability over profitability. In other words, to minimize risks, a lower yield rate is accepted.

  • Fixed Income

Fixed income investments are characterized by predictability. This is because they have fixed percentages or follow national financial indicators. You can determine their profitability right at the time of purchase.

This is the case with the CDB, for example, which works as a loan made by the investor to a financial institution and receives income in return. This type of investment is hedged by the Guarantor Fund, so it offers more assurance in case the company runs into problems.

  • Government bonds

Other option for the conservative profile is government bonds, fixed income assets issued by the National Treasury. In this case, you are granting a loan directly to the Government, which guarantees security.

In 2021, Treasury Direct bonds gained prominence due to inflation. With bonds pegged to the IPCA (Inflation Rate), the offers of such bonds have ensured attractive actual profits.

Moderate Profile

If you already have some knowledge on the financial market and feel safe to take some risks aiming to earn more income, maybe your profile is moderate.

This investor seeks portfolio diversification. If, on the one hand, this exposes you to greater risks with volatile investments, you still guarantee a good reserve of safer investments.

  • Multimarket funds

Funds are a good choice for this profile, as they combine fixed and variable income. By depositing your assets in a fund, you are exposed both to the market moves and to the rate set in the fixed income.


Bold Profile

This profile is characterized by having experience in the market and feeling confident to take risks in investments, seeking a fast and high return.

With a good diversity of investments, it is possible to earn in any economic scenario. However, you need to be prepared for some setbacks.

  • Shares

Share profitability can be obtained through the distribution of profits or the asset upside. A good way to get guidance when buying shares is to follow Recommended Portfolios, whereby brokers or specialists select groups of shares more likely to provide yields in the coming months.

  • ETFs

An exchange-traded fund, or index fund, is an investment fund traded on the Stock Exchange as if it were a stock.  Its value follows a country's stock index. IVVB11, for example, is the index for the 500 largest companies in the United States. ETF IBOB11 follows the Brazilian stock exchange, Ibovespa.

Diversify is the rule for all profiles

Regardless of your profile, some principles are recommended for everyone. The first is the setting of an emergency reserve, a separate, easily redeemable amount for emergencies. The second is the investment diversification. By well diversifying your assets, it is possible to earn income in any economic scenario.​

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