How to live with people infected or suspected to be infected with COVID-19

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​The first guidance is to allocate a bedroom and a bathroom for exclusive use of the person infected or suspected to have the infection. If your house does not have more than a bedroom or more than a bathroom, the recommendation is to allocate the bedroom for the person suspected to have the infection. Thus, for example, those who does not show simptoms shall sleep in the living room.

The room with the isolated patient must be kept with doors closed, but the windows shall remain open to allow air vent and the entry of solar light.


The person suspected or suspected to be infected shall change his/her own bed linen. If there are secretions in bed linen, the person shall package it in a plastic bag before taking it to the washing machine or laundry tub.


It is important to keep a waste basket aside the bed with a plastic bag to dispose garbage. When the container is full, the infected person shall close the bag and only then it can be put in common waste baskets, at home, street or the building.


Accoridng to specialists, there's no need to keep pets isolated.


In shared places, the infected person shall wear masks all the time.  The recommendation is that such person never stay for a whole day in the same room with non-infected people. In addition, infected persons cannot share the same sofa or mattress with others.



When the bathroom is shared, the infected patient or suspected to be infected must sanitize all surfaces used by him/her: toilet, switches, handle, flush, box and shower temperature regulator, for example.

Objects that were shared before, such as tooth paste, soap and hand towel shall be for individual use only. There is also the need of taking away the tooth brush of the person infected or suspected to have the infection from the same conteiner of the others.


The cleaning of some furniture and objects must be made several times a day and following specific care: the person who will carry out the cleaning must wear a mask, gloves, glasses and apron; all surfaces of constant contact must be cleaned: sink, handles, tables, switches, sofa cushion, chairs and toilet, faucets, etc.; soap, 70%-content alcohol and disinfectant are efficient for cleaning; keep waste baskets with closed lids and use a fully closed bag; bed and bathing linen and acessories used by the infected person must always be washed after use and dryied in a ventilated area.


People who live directly with people infected ou suspected to have COVID-19 must also stay in home isolation.​



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