Neoenergia participates in the 1st National Energy Efficiency Olympiad of ANEEL


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​​ANEEL's initiative to promote energy efficiency will be developed by four distributors in the country. Neoenergia is being represented by Coelba (BA), which is the proponent of the project

With the objective of promoting education on conscious energy consumption, the first National Energy Efficiency Olympiad (ONEE) will be held in 2021 by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). The pilot project was submitted to the regulatory body by Coelba, neoenergia concessionaire in Bahia, in partnership with ENEL CE, RGE SUL (CPFL) and EDP ES. The initiative will have its initial edition in pilot format and online, with the goal of reaching about 35,000 students from 600 schools in four states – Bahia, Ceará, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Sul. The expectation is to extend the competition to the whole country.  

"We were invited by ANEEL to participate in the preparation of the pilot project of the National Energy Efficiency Olympiad due to our experience in projects that focus on education and stimulating the change of habits. We believe in the importance of raising awareness of children and adolescents, who have a great potential for multiplying knowledge amongfamilies", says The Energy Efficiency Manager of Neoenergia, Ana Christina Mascarenhas.  

Coelba​ will take the project to 13,536 students from 193 Bahian schools. The organization will be made by the Bahian company Mobtex, which also performs other competitions, such as the National Science Olympiad.  

The training and challenges of the National Energy Efficiency Olympiad will be held remotely in the pilot project, but it is expected to apply them in person after the covid-19 pandemic. The activities will be aimed mainly at teachers and students of the 8th and 9th year of elementary school, series in which the National Common Curriculum Base (BNCC) provides for the approach of energy and energy efficiency in the discipline of Nature Sciences, on energy sources and types, energy transformation, consumption calculation, electrical circuits and conscious use. ONEE will be an instrument for disseminating the theme.  

The initial stage will be the training of teachers who have students enrolled in the competition, through courses and the provision of texts, videos and lesson plans. In addition to assisting in the preparation of students for ONEE, the materials will strengthen teacher training for bncc skills related to electricity.  

As part of the project, students will also be able to participate in tutoring and classes, with videos, activities and experiments. Students will also have a challenge to use energy efficiency knowledge in practice and will answer a test with objective questions on the subject. Throughout ONEE, a study of its educational impact will be carried out.  

Students and teachers will be awarded. The four students from each state who have the best ranking in the National Energy Efficiency Olympiad will receive notebooks, at least half of them for public school students. Four other notebooks will be delivered to teachers, one from each state. In addition, approximately 1,000 gold, silver and bronze medals and honorable mention certificates will be distributed among the students to 50% of the participants. 

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