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Sítio do Berardo Comunidade Youth, in Recife, State of Pernambuco, are having the opportunity to exchange knowledge with people from around the world through Involve, a Neoenergia/Iberdrola volunteering program. Twenty company employees from the United Kingdom, Spain, United States and Mexico, as well as Brazilians, are in Pernambuco's capital for the action. The group teaches computer tools such as Wordpress, Office Package, Gimp and Social Networking, focusing on training for the job market. The project will take place at Celpe Training Center, distributor controlled by Neoenergia.

Involve is an international volunteering project designed to help young people from underserved communities develop skills that will contribute to their professional future. This is the eighth edition of the program that also happens in Mexico. For the first time in Pernambuco, the project will also count with 20 Celpe volunteers and four from the other Neoenergia companies - Coelba (BA), Cosern (RN), Elektro (SP) and Holding (RJ) - one from each location. ​


The project consists of three phases. After selection, international volunteers receive computer classes and basic Portuguese or Spanish. During the stay, they pass on the technical knowledge of digital tools, but the focus of this live moment is to promote times of interaction and development with students. This is because, after volunteers return to their places of origin, they keep following the development of young people in a kind of distance sponsorship/mentoring.

In addition to classes, the group will go to the Community for a day of social action that will revitalize public spaces and the headquarters of the NGO Casa da Comunidade Berardo, partner in the action. The team will perform street and sidewalk painting, seedling planting and NGO organization services. After their stay in Recife, the volunteers will maintain the bond with the students for at least 11 months. This is the same period that young people will continue to take computer classes, funded by Iberdrola/Neoenergia.  ​



The Neoenergia Volunteering Program aims to encourage voluntary action in its employees through actions promoted by the company and with non-profit institutions. In 2018, a partnership was signed with Porto Social to support planning and execution of the Group's projects. Among actions taken by the company are the Iberdrola International Volunteering Day, where more than 300 company volunteers carried out activities related to the environment, such as planting seedlings and revitalizing flowerbeds and squares in several cities of Brazil. In December, more than 1,500 children from all over the country were sponsored and given Christmas gifts through the Solidarity Tree project. In March of this year, Operation Quilo collected 5.3 tons of food for five institutions in Recife, Salvador, Natal, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro.​ 


Companhia Energética de Pernambuco (Celpe), a Neoenergia Group company, distributes electricity to the 184 municipalities of Pernambuco state and to the city of Pedras de Fogo, Paraíba state. It is also responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity in the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago. Its concession area is 98.5 thousand square kilometers. The company has 3.7 million customers (9.4 million inhabitants).​

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