Safety tips: Neoenergia guides the population on preventive attitudes


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Company alert seeks to bring information to a safe environment in everyday situations

Safety is an always necessary theme to be highlighted, especially when it comes to electricity. Accidental touches on wiring during renovations and constructions and use of benjamin ("T") with multiple appliances connected to the same outlet are just some of the situations that can lead to serious and even fatal accidents. With this in mind, Neoenergia brought together the main safety guidelines as a way to prevent accidents and raise awareness among the population.  

"Electric shocks are accidents that can be avoided with simple safety measures. Access to information causes people to redouble their attention and prevent themselves. That's why we consider it essential to constantlyalert the population," says Harley Albuquerque, Director of Health and Safety at Neoenergia.  

Refurbishment and construction

In Neoenergia records, the most common causes of accidents are electric shocks caused by TV antennas, accidental approximation of objects in electrical wires and improper interventions of networks. These are situations that can be observed especially during the renovation or construction of the house. Therefore, following the safety guidelines is essential for the work to go smoothly.  

Before starting any construction, it is necessary to be aware that walls, windows and balcony can not be less than 2.5 meters from the power grid. With this care, accidental touches to wiring are avoided that can result in serious accidents. Care should be redoubled when using objects such as iron bars, battens, plaster rulers, rebars, and other types of metal materials, as they can drive the electrical current as they approach the network. In addition, it is recommended to be aware when mounting scaffolding and using ladders, which should always be kept away from the power grid, as these structures can conduct energy and cause electric shock.  

Another important orientation is when installing antennas, which must be kept at a safe distance from the power grid. In the event of heavy rain or winds, the antenna may tilt or fall toward the cables, which poses a risk not only to people residing in the house but also interferes with the distribution network and affects the supply of the entire region. If this happens, never hold or try to recover the antenna, as the risk of shock is great. In addition, the wiring should not be moved in order to move it away from the antenna location under any circumstances. Only Neoenergia teams are authorized to take such an initiative.  


The handling of household appliances and electronics must be accompanied by some basic care, as always remove the appliance from the socket by pulling the plug and never by the wire. It is also recommended to check the condition of the wiring of the appliance before connecting it to the outlet. If the wire is worn at some point, there is a risk of electric shock.  

An important recommendation is to avoid the use of T (benjamin) and extensions definitively, as this can lead to short circuitand fires. When objects such as mobile phones and tablets are being loaded, use should be suspended until the charge is complete. This attitude contributes to both user safety and mobile battery life.  

Preventive attitude should also be present after water handling. It is essential to be properly footwear and dry when contacting any type of appliance or electronic appliance. Combining water and electricity can pose a major risk, so always follow safety guidelines.  

Combined with this, when you need to do some maintenance around the house, such as changing the lamp and replacing the resistance of the shower, always turn off the circuit breaker first. If you are not aware of how to handle wires and electronic appliances, call a qualified professional. He will be able to carry out the interventions safely in the electrical installation.  

Stay tuned

In case of accidents involving electricity inside the house, turn off the electric circuit breaker or general key and provide help by calling the Fire Department (193) or Samu (192).  

On the street, when faced with some loose electric wire, always swerve or move away and do not approach any object, because it can be energized and cause shocks. Occurrences of this type should be reported immediately to Neoenergia on 116.

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