Neoenergia receives preliminary license and installation for the construction of the substation Marmeleiro

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Neoenergia, company of Iberdrola Group​, informs that it received from the State Foundation for Environmental Protection - FEPAM, on July 26, the Preliminary and Installation License of the Substation 525 kV Marmeleiro - Synchronous Compensator - located in the municipality of Santa Vitória do Palmar, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Neoenergia is responsible for implementing Lot 14 of Transmission Auction No. 004/2018. Transmission lines covers 770 km in length and the implementation of two synchronous compensators has the purpose of integrating the Rio Grande do Sul wind potential into the national interconnected system. The deadline defined by Aneel to the transmitter starting of operations is February 2022. ​


Considering project´s territorial dimension and, as a result, the number of municipalities involved, the company's position in the interface and dialogue with the communities involved stands out.

After obtaining LPI, the company declares that it is focused on the execution and timely delivery of its projects under construction, showing commitment to sustainable growth. The investment reinforces Neoenergia's commitment to Brazil's development.​

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