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In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, words of affection fill the absence of the hug that cannot be given at that moment. Through Smiles project, promoted by Neoenergia's Volunteering Program, employees can send letters with plenty of affection and motivation to the elderly living in nursing institutions. The letter arrive accompanied by basic baskets and hygiene supplies, coming from donations to Transforma Brasil fund, a partner platform of the company's volunteering activities. The elderly living in the Lar da Vovozinha, in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, were the benefited from the first edition of the initiative, which will be extended to other institutions in the states in which the company operates.

“In this period, solidarity is even more urgent and needed. Due to this, Neoenergia's Volunteering Program pursued new ways to enable that employees continue to make a difference in the lives of the people who need it most. “Smiles" action has brought together two indispensable things: the provision of the basic food and hygiene needs and the psychological support, so important in this period. It was very successful and we will replicate it for other nursing homes in our concession areas", emphasizes Clayton Freire, Neoenergia's Internal Communication Manager and coordinator of the volunteering program.

Maria Amadeus, who reached the age of 105 on May 5,  feel moved when reading the letters from Neoenergia's employees. In total, 60 messages were sent to 37 elder women living in the site. “We are experiencing challenging times since March, with no visits. In order to prevent coronavirus, we fully shutdown the house, even to the families.  We have never seen an action like this, it was very important to them, who keep the letters as a great gift", says Lila Carvalho, coordinator of the institution.


The letters arrived together with donations of basic baskets and hygiene supplies enabled through contributions made to Transforma Brasil Fund, coordinated by Transforma Brasil Institution, a Neoenergia's partner in the Volunteering Program. The Fund is assisting people in social vulnerability throughout the country during Covid-19 pandemic. For encouraging donations, the company will treble the amount donated by each employee.

The company carries out other volunteering projects linked to five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by U.N., with a particular focus on SDG 7, that ensures the access to energy in reliable, sustainable and affordable manner for all, and SDG 13, focused in actions for combating climate change and its impacts. Additionally, it has programs focused on SDG 4 (Quality Education), 5 (Gender Equality) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities). 


Neoenergia also make donations for social institutions through the Solidary Digitalization action. Without disbursing any amount, the customers of the four distributors can help the following institutions: Legião da Boa Vontade (Celpe e Coelba), Liga contra o Câncer (Cosern) and Unicef (Elektro). They just have to register to Automatic Debit and Bill Receipt via E-mail and, for each consumer registered in both only one or services, Neoenergia will donate up to R$ 5. The company expects a 40%-adhesion of the customers, reaching the equivalent to R$ 5.6 million in donations. 

Distributors' websites for registering the services:

 This initiative is part of Iberdrola group's response to Coronav​irus​.

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