Neoenergia closes contract with Ambev to provide long-term renewable energy

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Neoenergia signed a contract with Ambev for the sale of renewable energy on the free market, demonstrating the commitment of the two companies to sustainable development. The agreement is in the long-term POWER Purchase Agreement (PPA) model.

In addition, the partnership includes the issuance of Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC) for the entire period.

The use of clean energy is one of the main factors integrating ESG practices (environmental, social and governance aspects) increasingly required by global markets. " This contract reflects our growth in the Brazilian energy-free market, an expansion aligned with our sustainable purpose. We are pioneers in the energy transition in the country and agreements like this allow us to expand our investments in renewable sources, assisting in decarbonization and, in line with our ESG practices and meeting the needs of our customers", says the Director of Liberalized Business of Neoenergia, Hugo Nunes.

The PPA modality, used in the contract with Ambev, is part of Neoenergia's expansion strategy in the Free Contracting Environment (FTA). Agreements like this have the advantage of ensuring long-term revenue, mitigating the risk of projects and fostering the expansion of renewable sources.

In addition, the issuance of I-RECs serves as a vector of value generation for the customer by presenting the guarantee of sustainability and traceability, ensuring that energy comes from a clean source. This is a widely adopted form in the global market to demonstrate sustainable energy practices and balance greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and can be reported alongwith stock exchange sustainability indexes.

Neoenergia has strengthened investments in clean energy, with a focus on wind and solar. With the completion of the Chafariz (PB) and Oitis (PI and BA) complexes, the installed capacity in wind will reach 1.6 GW this year, triple what it was in 2020. The company is also building its first photovoltaic project for centralized generation, the Solar Luzia Complex (PB), which has operational synergy with Fountain and will have installed capacity of 149.3 MWp fully allocated in the free market and part of it already sold in another PPA contract. With this, in 2022, the company will reach 90% of its renewable generation portfolio, an even cleaner profile than the Brazilian electric matrix.

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